England ace John Stones has been accused of forcing his ex and toddler from their home.

Millie Savage has been told the Man City star wants to return to the £4million Cheshire mansion he quit when they split last year, The Sun reports.

She is convinced he intends to move in new love Olivia Naylor and her baby. A source said: "Millie feels she's being turfed out."

Stones and childhood sweetheart Millie spent 11 years together and have a young daughter.

They split in November and he has since been living in a two-bedroom flat.

But because Stones, 25, owns the six-bedroom home solely, Millie has no option but to leave.

A source said: "She seems cut up by the way he is behaving.

"It is like he's forgotten himself and his roots.

"She can't understand why he is acting in such a cruel way.

"Everything is falling in on her.

"She has been to see a lawyer who has told her in general terms unmarried partners, no matter how long they have been in the relationship, have few rights.

"The house and all the other assets which John has accrued during his career are in his name alone.

"There's nothing Millie can do. She doesn't have a leg to stand on so felt she had no option but to agree to leave.

"She thinks his intention is to get his home back and make a new life with Olivia and her baby while she picks up the pieces."

Stones was said to be "without a care in the world" as he partied with footballer pals in Ibiza last week - before he was due back for training.

We revealed in May how the £50million player was the subject of dressing room taunts about his new relationship with beautician Olivia.

The pair met when she was pregnant.

Earlier this month Stones was widely criticised for two gaffes in England's 3-1 Uefa Nations League semi-final defeat to the Netherlands.

Boss Gareth Southgate said after the match that Stones would only return to the team once he "is feeling in a good place and more confident".

The source added: "Millie never thought they would split up.

"She didn't care about the material things.

"She just wanted a normal home, normal family and to be happy.

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"Now she feels like she has very few options. John wants his home back and because it is in his name there's nothing she can do to stop him.

"Millie's still in it at the moment but she knows she will have to leave soon and has agreed to do so. Nothing has yet been agreed formally.

"She feels extremely sad as if she hasn't done anything wrong and yet she is the one whose life is being turned upside down.

"There doesn't seem to be any thought for what they've been through together - the years they were a couple, and the child they have. Eleven years together and Millie now seems to mean nothing to him."

The source told how Stones changed shortly after he left Everton in August 2016 and signed for Manchester City.

Just months later he was accused of cheating on Millie with events organiser Jessica Peaty.

She claimed she romped with the player after meeting at a restaurant.

Jessica said Stones told her he and Millie had split.

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The defender denied the affair but later had a tattoo of Millie inked on his arm. Millie decided to give him one last chance and did all she could to keep him grounded.

At last summer's World Cup in Russia the couple were spotted kissing after a match.

But in November he walked out on her after she brought up the subject of marriage.

The source added: "As far as Millie is concerned it came out of the blue.

"There were no signs whatsoever, no build up.

John Stones and Millie Savage at the World Cup.
John Stones and Millie Savage at the World Cup.

"They both did what they wanted, rarely argued and had a lovely child in a beautiful home. It was idyllic and the stuff of dreams. Millie says he just flipped saying he needed time away.

"From that day she says he just cut off everybody.

"It was instant. Millie went home to her mum and dad and said things weren't right between them.

"They suggested she give him a moment and were confident it would blow over. She was upset but put on a brave face.

"He never really explained why he wanted space.

"Millie told friends she got very little out of him. The shutters had come down. There was no reasoning or talking to him. It was like he was hiding something.

"All he kept harping on about was that he needed his freedom and she was left in limbo.

"Millie felt she had no choice but to seek legal advice.

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"She had no money herself. She had nothing.

"She needed advice as to how she stood legally.

"They'd been in a relationship for 11 years. But that would stand for nothing and he would only be legally required to pay child maintenance."

The Sun on Sunday understands Stones has been living in a two-bedroom apartment for the past few months.

Another source said: "John is keen to move back into his own home. It was subsequently then Millie's decision to move out and as a result the timeframe for that has been mutually agreed between the pair of them.

"There is no question of John reneging on his commitments.

John Stones and Millie Savage.
John Stones and Millie Savage.

"He has provided Millie with a large and luxury budget, and a number of options to purchase a new property for herself.

"It may be that she initially rents a house while she assesses her options. John is an incredible father and his first priority will always be ensuring the best possible care and life for his daughter."

Stones met Millie while at school and the pair began dating at the age of 14, while he was a promising young player for Barnsley.

Millie was seen as a steadying influence as his career took off.

New love Olivia was well known on the party scene and a regular at clubs popular with players from City's rivals Manchester United.

She ran a popular salon near her Cheshire home until a few months before she gave birth to a son. She is now focusing on being a mum and is often spotted in her new £60,000 Range Rover.

Last week Stones flew to Ibiza for a booze-fuelled out-of-season break with footballer pals.

He was seen clutching a bottle of Jägermeister at the island's trendy Nikki Beach club and downing booze from a £1,000 bottle of rosé.

At one point Stones poured alcohol into the mouth of England and Watford midfielder Tom Cleverley who was lying on the ground.

An onlooker said: "John was in very high spirits and was making the most of the party scene. He was swaggering around and didn't seem to have a care in the world.

"He was keen to make the most of his time off before he returns to training."

Last season Stones played in just over half of City's Premier League fixtures. His errors against the Netherlands were branded "stupid" by pundit Jamie Carragher.

The Times' Tony Cascarino said of Stones' performance: "The biggest problem I had was him trying to nutmeg a Holland player in his own 18-yard box."

- This story originally appeared on thesun.co.uk

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