KEN and Dianne Lawes' famous Christmas display at their house in Nanango was left with thousands of dollars worth of damage following the storm that hit the South Burnett a fortnight ago.

But it did not dim their Christmas spirit.

Mr Lawes was trapped in a shed as hail poured down and he watched more than a month's worth of work go to waste in a matter of minutes.

"Five-and-a-half weeks had gone to putting the decorations up," he said.

"I'm 69 and had never heard a storm roar like that.

"The small shed which holds Christmas lights was just flattened.

"At the end, Dianne and I just hugged each other and laughed.

"If we did not laugh we would have cried.

"Of the total 60,000 LED lights the couple own, 20% got ruined.

"Some frames such as Santa's house, church and the bell tower also got smashed, equalling to a total damage of about $3000.

"I looked at the damage and just gave up," he said.

"For two days, I just didn't want to know about it.

"But then I thought I have to get something up as we have regular people coming to our property every year to see it.

"We have a display up now; it's not perfect but it's the best we could do."

What makes the loss even more extreme is the special touch the two put into their work.

"Everything you see on the display is hand made, except the actual lights," Mr Lawes said.

"I work on the frames during the year, and Dianne paints every little bulb to get the different colours in them."

The Lawes house has won in the Nanango residential category of local lights' competitions multiple times since they started decorating their house in 2007.

  • YOU can check out the property at 102 Muir St, Nanango.


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