Burnett Inn, Nanango.
Burnett Inn, Nanango. State Library of Queensland

STREETS APART: What is the meaning behind Goode St?

A SPECIAL publication that details the history of more than 200 streets across the South Burnett is out now.  

Streets Apart, published by the South Burnett Times, takes readers on a trip down memory lane through the names behind our landmarks.  

The book will be sold for $9.95 in newsagents across the South Burnett.  

You can also pick up a copy by popping into the South Burnett Times office at 176 Haly St.  

Below is an excerpt from the book, which tells the story of Jacob Goode.

JACOB Goode was the first European settler to build a commercial business in the town we now know as Nanango.  

Before moving to the South Burnett, Goode is said to have had a poor reputation.  

It is said he was forced to leave Sydney for Brisbane after declaring bankruptcy.   

While living in Brisbane, Goode established the Brisbane Inn, a boarding house that mainly catered for the working class.  

Goode landed himself in more hot water in 1848.  

Heavily intoxicated after a race meeting at Eagle Farm, Goode was waiting to cross the Brisbane River via ferry.  

While waiting for the vessel to fill with passengers, Goode started heckling the captain.  

He made his way to the steering station and started the ferry.  

When the captain stopped the boat, Goode pushed him overboard.  

The captain was pulled under the ferry but fortunately rescued by someone nearby.  

Goode was fined £5 for his actions.  

To raise money for his fine, he had to sell his belongings to raise the money and left Brisbane.  

Waiting for his tarnished reputation to recover in Brisbane, Goode heard of opportunities in the South Burnett region.

Past the D'Aguilar Range, he found Nanango Station and its owner William Oliver.   

The area was a popular crossroads, and Goode sensed an opportunity to be seized.  

He set up Goode's Inn, which later became known as the Burnett Inn, in 1848.  

It continued to develop, with a post office established in 1850.  

John Bright purchased the Burnett Inn in 1859, and both Bright's Rd and Bright St are named after him.  

The Inn was demolished in 1911.  


Jacob Goode and his Burnett Inn, Dr Judith Grimes, 2013.

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