BRAINS AND THE BRAWN: Coach Lauren Mangan points out her tactics to the players.
BRAINS AND THE BRAWN: Coach Lauren Mangan points out her tactics to the players. Brandon Livesay

Super coach awarded for perfect season

NANANGO Panthers have transformed from toothless to ruthless under the coaching of Lauren Mangan.

Mangan was named the 2014 South West Queensland Female Coach of the Year for her third season in charge of the South Burnett Football premiers.

The Panthers finished the A-grade competition undefeated and picked up the grand final victory, making it one premiership for each year Mangan has been coach.

The turnaround for the club has been remarkable under Mangan's no nonsense style of management.

"To give you an idea, the year before I started coaching they didn't win a game the entire season," Mangan said.

"We revamped the whole team ... and now three years I've been coaching and we've had three premierships."

Before taking over Nanango, Mangan was coaching an under-15 boys football team in Brisbane.

And she said there wasn't much difference between coaching boys or men.

"I always say coaching a group of senior men, it's like dealing with a bunch of children; they need some hand holding," she said.

"We've got a few women on our team that like a good old gossip so you have to keep them on task."

One of Mangan's more unique coaching methods is punishing poor attitudes and player wrongdoings by making them wear a floral dress at practice.

"Essentially I go to Lifeline at the start of the season and buy them. Usually, I get four because there's always more than one who stuffs up and has to wear one," she said.

"The very first training session I brought the dresses and imposed that new law, and now they probably enjoy it more than I do."

Mangan's troops are loyal to the cause and she said the season had finished but the men were already getting anxious without any training runs on the paddock.

"We're starting back early in the first week of January."

The team environment Mangan has cultivated and respect for the game of football has made Nanango the football powerhouse of the South Burnett.

Mangan will now be in the running for the Football Queensland Female Coach of the Year, which will be awarded next year.

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