Suspected robber turns out to be ice trafficker

WHEN police pulled Raymond James Dhu over they were looking for someone who robbed a Redbank Plains hotel.

Instead they found an ice trafficker who told them he made $8000 a week selling drugs.

At 11pm on July 18, 2013 police intercepted Dhu's car - believing he matched the description of a man wanted for robbing the Redbank Plains Tavern.

As soon as he pulled over he told police he had nearly $2000 cash on him, knives and ice worth with a street value around $3000.

Police searched the car and found two phones, a number of knives and a bag containing 23 small clip seal containers containing the drug ice, as well as some with marijuana and one tablet of the drug tripstacy and nearly $2000 in cash.

Dhu, who was unemployed, admitted to police he had been selling drugs as his main income source for more than six months and had made up to $8000 a week selling to between 10 and 15 customers.

Police found text messages on his phone that corroborated his admissions as well as a book containing records of sales and debts owed from buyers.

Dhu, 29, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday to trafficking drugs and possessing drugs.

Justice Ann Lyons said while Dhu's admissions to police were to his credit he had still run a major criminal operation.

"The size and seriousness of the business wouldn't have been known without your admissions," she said.

"The community acting through me denounces your conduct."

The court heard Dhu began dealing after becoming addicted to the drug himself.

Justice Lyons said Dhu was not a career criminal, had a limited criminal history and was caring for his ill mother.

He was sentenced to seven years jail, and will be eligible for parole after serving 18 months behind bars.


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