LEESA Kennedy is the ordinary suburban mum who stood between a murderer and the beautiful woman he was hellbent on killing.

And it haunts her to this day that Tara Brown did not survive the brutal attack.

Ms Kennedy's victim impact statement outlined how Lionel Patea murdered Ms Brown in front of her after her car crashed down an embankment on September 8, 2015.

She thought Patea was rescuing Ms Brown, and a neighbour even helped the ex-bikie smash the windscreen to get into the car, but soon the horrible reality set in.

Ms Kennedy jumped on Patea's back to try to stop him and at one stage stood between him and the car and told him to "piss off".

But the brave mum said in her statement that she still asks herself: "Did I do my best? Did I try hard enough?"

"For the first six months, every time I closed my eyes, I saw Tara and how incredibly beautiful she was," Ms Kennedy wrote in her statement, which she read to Patea in court.

"... Dressed impeccably with a chambray shirt and white pants - her hair tied up in a ponytail ... with just a small drop of blood on the left hand side of her forehead from the impact down the embankment.

"My eyes well up with tears because of the guilt, that I will forever carry, that I failed her in not recognising and understanding her fear was of YOU.

"She was screaming at me to help her FROM YOU - not of being trapped in her car after the accident."

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