Teenager caught red-handed stealing from supermarkets

AN IPSWICH magistrate has told a teenage offender to cut out her rotten ways because she's "clearly not very good at it" after being caught red-handed twice in the same day.

Shaelana Gabrial Pearson, 18, appeared before Ipswich Magistrates Court for two counts of stealing from Ipswich supermarkets.

Both offences occurred on May 15 and she was promptly apprehended by police after she targeted two separate stores.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said on May 15 Pearson took food and DVDs from Coles at Riverlink in North Ipswich, stuffed them into a handbag and walked past the point of sale without any attempt to pay.

The Chermside West resident then proceeded to the shopping centre's bus stop.

Police were contacted and upon questioning her about the incident, she told them she wasn't sure exactly what she had taken but that she'd put it into a bin.

In the bin police found four DVDs, chocolate, chicken, bacon, pikelets and other grocery items.

She made full admissions to taking the items.

On the same day, a motorist drove up to police to tell them they believed someone had stolen items from the Woolworths at Collingwood Park and jumped into a car.

The witness told police they had seen her filling up a bag and walked out without any attempt to pay.

Police intercepted the suspect vehicle, and found her in possession of more grocery items and DVDs.

She made full admission to police to stealing the items and said she had no money and went into the store with the sole intention of taking the items.

She told police she was hungry and wanted to watch the DVDs.

CCTV in the Woolworths confirmed her identity.

She pleaded guilty to both charges.

The court heard the teenager is on youth allowance.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said she needed to "stop stealing" before fining her $400, to be referred to SPER.

"You're clearly not very good at it, stealing," he said.

No conviction was recorded.

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