Dylan Devitt is petitioning the South Burnett Regional Council to upgrade the skate park.
Dylan Devitt is petitioning the South Burnett Regional Council to upgrade the skate park. Michael Nolan

Teenagers unite for better park

EACH week more than 100 teenagers use the Kingaroy skate park.

It's a place to meet friends, to be active and to exercise.

But a group of Kingaroy skaters would like South Burnett Regional Council to fix parts of the park's design.

Dylan Devitt and his mates have organised the petition, which asks the council to extend the landing of a number of half pipes.

"We want to make the park bigger and better for people using bikes and scooters,” Dylan said.

Dylan said the half-pipes weren't steep enough, the soil behind them had eroded and the landings were too narrow.

This means riders get less vertical air and instead overshoot the landing and potentially crash.

Dylan said the main roll-in was also too narrow and it was common for riders to lose their footing and fall off the side, especially when the park was crowded.

Falls also happen when riders return up the roll-in as there is no turning room.

"This park is pretty good, it just needs more room to land,” Dylan said.

At the moment Dylan is working on recruiting supporters.

Dylan and his mates have been collecting signatures from everyone at their school and they are about to start door knocking for wider support.

"We've got about 350 signatures, but we want to have at least 1000,” he said.

"There's people who haven't even been to the skate park who are signing.”

Skating is increasingly popular and, unlike team sports, kids can go for a ride any time of the year.

Dylan said an improved skate park would draw more kids away from video games and out into the world.

"There's not much else to do in Kingaroy other than walk around Kingaroy,” he said.

"This is the number one spot in town, I reckon.”

South Burnett Regional Council mayor Keith Campbell said he was receptive to the idea.

"It's really quite encouraging to know there are young people taking notice of the facilities that could be improved,” Cr Campbell said.

He encouraged Dylan and his fellow riders to start working with the council to develop plans.

Theoretically, if the council did agree to improve the park it's unlikely work would start before the next financial year.

But, if there is enough support, it is possible work could start sooner.

"It is possible an operation of that nature could attract grants,” Cr Campbell said.

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