Isabel Winters wants to say thank you to the local Kingaroy library
Isabel Winters wants to say thank you to the local Kingaroy library Elaelah Harley

Thanking our friends at the library

THE KINGAROY library is the perfect place for making friends.

That's what Isabel Winters reckons.

Ms Winters wanted to give her thanks to the library, which she believes has given her so much support over the past five years.

"It's just such a friendly atmosphere in there. No one gets hushed, and we're encouraged to enjoy ourselves there,” she said.

"This is the first and only library that I have known to be like this. I came from Cairns and there was nothing there, nor at Maryborough. Here, it's so different.

"They've been consistently supportive for five years since I've been here, and how long before, I wouldn't know. But I've never seen people say a thank you to them. So, I thought I would take on the job in giving thanks.”

Ms Winters first became an avid visitor to the library after joining a cards group.

"When I first went to this library, there were all of these people playing cards. I looked around and saw children running around having a great time, also, and there was no one telling them to be quiet. I thought it was a really friendly place to be, so I wanted to visit more,” she said.

"We get to meet up with so many wonderful people, too. Before I walked in there today, a young man who I met a while ago came up and gave me a kiss on the forehead and wished me a merry Christmas. It was so nice. Everyone is really lovely and positive.

"When you come to a new place and you don't know anyone, like I did five years ago, it's so nice to be able to meet up with friendly people.”

Christi Thomas, a member of staff at Kingaroy Library, agrees it's a great place for socialisation.

"We get a lot of people come in to make friends. There are heaps of groups for different ages, that people are more than welcome to come in and join. They're all free of charge and it's a great place from under-five's right through to seniors,” she said.

"We have a lot of loyal visitors, too, who are here every week without fail. I honestly love the library, and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.”

Not only is the library good for making friends, but it's also a great tool for knowledge.

"I learned about dementia from there, and my sister learnt about beekeeping from there. The staff at the library encourage people to come in and tell of their achievements and grow. They're a great community minded group,” Ms Winters said.

"Whenever I have trouble with the computer, because I'm an old girl and can't hold onto things for very long, I often have to go back to the library to ask for help. They never complain, and they always teach me again. They're so patient, and it's always done with a smile.”

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