The right farm equipment can make your job easier.
The right farm equipment can make your job easier. Stuart Quinn

The equipment you need to start your farming career

DURING the dry in the Burnett, it makes sense people might be concerned when it comes to entering the farming industry.

But with good, and efficient machinery, you might be able to be more efficient with your crops, and with improved irrigation and water plans, you might be able to have a smoother farming experience after all.

If you're looking for some examples of important machinery to start out with when growing crops or creating cattle yards, here are some examples:

1. The basics

This includes regular equipment that would be useful to any household, be it a farm or not. Such equipment can include mowers, backhoes, rakes and plows. More items could include mulch layers, weed sprayers and sickles.

2. Tractors

Finding a good tractor is important for a farm of any size, as it can be combined with a range of attachments to make life easier for you. While searching, you'd want to make sure it has enough horsepower for completing whatever task you plan to use it for.

3. Wagons, hay balers, seeders and more.

These tractor accessories are some examples of what you might need to complete your farm work, whether it be to aid transportation or help your crop-growing efficiency.

4. Irrigation systems

A constant supply of water is necessary for your farm to grow and thrive, therefore irrigation systems are always important for a farmer's starting kit, despite the potentially costly price.

5. Transplant systems

The opportunity for less hard labour done by you should always be taken where possible. Transplanters are a great way to minimise your workload, as the machine is designed to both dig holes and plant seedlings in the one notion.

With this equipment, despite the potential expenses, your farm will be able to thrive.

Fortunately for those with a dream but a strict budget, there are also many grants to help farmers start out in the long, drought-filled season.

Take a look at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website for more information about available assistance.

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