The forgotten area that our candidates ignored

IT'S an area you've probably never heard of; but neither have Toowoomba Regional Council candidates apparently.

Grazier Peter Austin lives in the Mt Binga area, about 17km south of Blackbutt.

It's technically part of Toowoomba Regional Council but you wouldn't know it from the attention it's received.

Mr Austin says the area has been completely ignored.

While Toowoomba has countless corflutes strewn around town - with some intersections sporting dozens - the Mt Binga area has none.

"As far as I know we've been ignored," Mr Austin said.

"I've been talking to the locals and no one has bothered coming near us."


The only flyer he's received in the mail was from a candidate from running in the South Burnett Council elections, who he can't vote for.

Mr Austin said the Mt Binga area was productive, with macadamia, avocado and pig farmers contributing to the Toowoomba economy.

"It's an area that will only go from strength to strength," he said.

Mr Austin lives about half way between Kingaroy and Toowoomba but locals consider Toowoomba to be their main hub.

"I do all my shopping in Toowoomba and I spend a lot of money in Toowoomba.

"It's only fair that we get some attention."


Although generally pleased with council's efforts, he said more could be done.

"They need to look seriously at fixing Pierces Ck Rd, which has about four accidents every month.

"It's getting busier all the time.

"There are good things happening but we need to know what's next and make sure they continue to make them happen."

"I understand the main population is in Toowoomba but don't forget us."

Residents in other outlying areas like Bowenville and Cooyar have also complained of being overlooked.


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