INSPIRING: Owner of Ridgey Didge Fitness, Ben Ride with Hannah Young who was the winner of his eight-week challenge.
INSPIRING: Owner of Ridgey Didge Fitness, Ben Ride with Hannah Young who was the winner of his eight-week challenge.

‘The healthiest I’ve been since school’: 10+ kilos lost

HANNAH Young is now $1000 richer but it’s the priceless health and fitness goals she smashed that have been the biggest rewards.

Ms Young, who dropped a whopping 10.9kg in fat loss - 8.3 per cent in body fat percentage - and gained an impressive 800g in muscle was the winner of Ridgey Didge Fitness’ third instalment of the eight-week challenge.

With $1500 up for grabs over the eight-week challenge, including $1000 for the overall winner and $250 for two runner-ups, plenty of fat was shed, muscle built and fitness levels improved.

“I definitely was surprised with how much I lost, it was such a shock when I jumped on the scales as it’s the healthiest I’ve been since actually leaving school five years ago which was such an achievement for me,” Ms Young said.

A record-breaking 160kg of fat was lost in total from the group in comparison to 101kg in the last challenge, and owner of Ridgey Didge Fitness, Ben Ridge said he couldn’t be more proud of the group’s mammoth efforts.

“I was absolutely blown away seeing the results,” Mr Ridge said.

“Going off last years challenge result, we deadset smashed all records, both with personal ones and as a group.

“This was the best committed crew I’ve seen too.

“Hannah’s win came from a combo of hard work in the gym and working with Rhi on the diet. Every morning she would just rip into it, and then sometimes double up by doing the evening class too.”

The 21-year-old started off by sweating through five gruelling sessions a week of cardio, weights and mixed high intensity interval training for the first four weeks, and then amped it to a staggering eight of Ridgey’s workouts a week in the last month.

“It was exhausting but it’s what kept me going,” she said.

“Getting to the end and winning the prize money was a motivation, but my biggest motivation was seeing improvements and changes in the people around me, especially my mum. She was my biggest motivation through it all.

“I felt much happier within myself as the weeks went on. It also had a massive impact on my mental health and makes me feel like I am in a better mindset now and hope to continue with the journey that I’ve now started.”

For Hannah, she knew she needed to make a change from her sedentary lifestyle and toxic cycle of eating unhealthy foods and not caring what went into her body.

“I was keen to kickstart my health and fitness journey after many months of saying otherwise and thought that the group challenge would be motivation and something more challenging rather then just trying to do it myself,” she said.

“I hated going to the gym and exercising, it was never on the top of my mind to get up 5.30am for eight weeks and go to a gym session, but it just became a habit and it’s like I couldn’t function without going.”

While Hannah was able to kickstart her love for exercise it was the extreme shakeup to her diet that she found the most challenging, helped along by dietitian Rhiannon Stone.

“The challenge didn’t stop me from still having what I wanted, however it was in smaller portions and definitely on less occasions,” she said.

While isolation and stricter social distancing laws are putting a halt on gyms and group fitness classes, Hannah is determined to continue her progress.

“I just want to maintain my weight and even lose a little bit more,” she said.

“I’ve been trying to still get out and exercise twice a day, or starting to do an at home workout once a day to keep me busy and doing something so I am not sitting around doing nothing.”

Hannah recommended anyone looking to get on top of their health and fitness goals to come along to Ridgey Didge fitness once it is able to re-open.

“I want to do a shout out to Ridgey for facilitating the challenge and always making everyone feel welcomed,” she said.

“For the times where he even had to reschedule the classes due to work commitments or cutting them short because of the flies, I’m sure everyone will agree that he always put 100 per cent with everyone who walks through your door.

“I also want to congratulate everyone who took part in the challenge, you were all winners in some way, shape or form and everyone should be proud of their efforts and achievements.”

Ben Ridge will be starting one-on-one personal training sessions in light of the COVID-19 restrictions. If you are interested, contact Ridgey Didge Fitness on Facebook.

Top five:

1. Hannah Young: 10.9kg fat loss, 8.3 per cent body fat percentage

2. Lucy Rutherford: 7.8kg fat loss, 8 per cent body fat percentage

3. Brendan Grulke: 8kg fat loss, 7.4 per cent body fat percentage

4. Tyson Waldron: 7.1kg fat loss, 6.3 per cent body fat percentage

5. Kyle Hartfield: 11.4kg fat loss, 6.2 per cent body fat percentage

Hannah Young - winner of Ridgey Didge's 8-week fitness challenge and the $1,000 cash prize
Hannah Young - winner of Ridgey Didge's 8-week fitness challenge and the $1,000 cash prize

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