Drug Ice Concept
Drug Ice Concept

The killer’s meth, his mum and a bloke named Moe

CONVICTED killer Alexandre Geraud Richmond-Sinclair used his mum to score ice from a dealer named Moe while he was serving a manslaughter sentence, a Cairns court heard.

Richmond Sinclair was convicted in 2008 of the stomping manslaughter of fellow inmate George Challis at Woodford Prison, outside Ipswich.

He was sentenced to 12 years for the crime, during which time he injured his shoulder.

It was the painful joint that led Richmond Sinclair to call on his mum while serving out his time at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre in January last year.

Cairns Supreme Court heard Richmond-Sinclair, who was 22 when he killed Challis, spoke to his mother on a prison phone and arranged for her to collect methamphetamine and a prescription drug for $2000 from a dealer named Moe.

"The calls of course were all recorded," crown prosecutor Eddie Coker told the court.

Unsurprisingly, police intercepted the drugs that Richmond-Sinclair's mum had posted to a Cairns address.

"It is a quintessential case of someone bringing it on themselves," Mr Coker said.

James Sheridan, defending, told the court his client had placed in solitary for six months under 23-hour lockdown after police and prison authorities discovered his scheme.

He said Richmond-Sinclair sought the drugs to self medicate and "keep the pain bearable."

Justice Jim Henry said Richmond-Sinclair was his "own worst enemy."

"You were stupid enough to do this while you were in jail." he said.

"The sentence will have the effect of prolonging what has been a long time in custody - you have blown your 20s."

He sentenced Richmond-Sinclair to a further eight months once his full time release for manslaughter has been reached in October.

"You have written your own script," Justice Henry said.

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