OPINION: The reckless habit that's driving many of us crazy

DO YOU feel infuriated every time you see a driver concentrating very hard.....on composing a text message?

You're not alone.

Texting and talking while behind the wheel has been named the most frustrating driving habit in a new survey of Queensland motorists released by RACQ, followed by tailgating and speeding up while overtaking.

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Technology has become an integral part of everyday life and there are many people who would break into a cold sweat if separated from their iPhone for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately this dependence on being in the loop at all times is probably contributing the problem.

You would think that a text message, email or Facebook post could wait until they have reached their destination but many drivers are putting lives on the line to keep on communicating when their focus should be on the road.

The state's peak motoring body says more needs to be done to deter drivers from using handheld mobile phones and questions if the risk of being slapped with a fine and losing three demerit points is enough.

If it is endangering lives and driving other law-abiding motorists crazy, a review of the penalty should be considered.

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