'Friend' steals woman’s pin number, card on night out

WHEN Jason Wayne Lynch saw the opportunity to steal money from a friend on a night out drinking, he took it.

The 33-year-old stole the bank card and pin number from a woman's purse.

Lynch faced Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday on three charges including stealing a bank card and personal documents.

Lynch pleaded guilty to the charges, which happened after a day of drinking at the Leichhardt Hotel in Rockhampton.

The court heard Lynch had been drinking at the bar about 1pm with a friend.

Lynch and his friend later walked a woman back to her hotel room.

The court heard Lynch had witnessed the woman taking money out of an ATM and saw her use a piece of paper with her pin number on it.

Duty lawyer William Prizeman said Lynch was invited into the woman's hotel room at one stage during the day and took advantage of that invite when she went to the bathroom and left her purse behind.

After stealing her card and pin number, Lynch was caught on CCTV at a nearby Commonwealth Bank ATM, about 7.50pm, taking out $50, then a further $250.

He was sentenced to four months for entering a premise, and two months in prison each for the two stealing charges.

He was released on parole yesterday and also ordered to pay $300 restitution.

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