Lisa Marie Woodham will be giving readings in Gladstone until Saturday January 21.
Lisa Marie Woodham will be giving readings in Gladstone until Saturday January 21. Facebook.

Shopping isn't fun if you can see dead people

SHOPPING in a supermarket at Christmas time isn't fun for anyone, especially those who can see the dead.

Clairvoyant Lisa Marie Woodham said when she first started she didn't know how to protect herself from the spirits.

"During this period I left myself wide open and I couldn't go out," Ms Woodham said.

"I could feel other people's energy and what they were going through in life all packed in a supermarket all at once."

Being able to see dead people since she was four-years-old, Ms Woodham said her nanna's been with her all her life as "solid as rock".

The Gold Coast clairvoyant is visiting Gladstone until Saturday and she said when she met people, most of the time they had a spirit with them.

"I always see someone with them, it's very strong on ancestors and I see family links first ... protection from family," she said.

"You'll see me change from looking at you to looking at a spirit. I see in my peripheral vision, that's how it works for me."

Sending messages from spirits to people isn't the limit to this clairvoyant's gift, with her natural disaster predictions often coming true.

"It's like having a third eye. I get images and flashing," she said.

Ms Woodham said she kept seeing vision of the Christchurch earthquake happening, so she saw a counsellor and recorded the meetings.

"Five years later it happened," she said. "All my counsellor meetings were recorded and the dates and times."

"I felt anxious, frustrated, I knew it was coming but it was out of my control.

"I can't live in fear and I can't be Wonder Woman and save the world."

Ms Woodham said she emphasised sharing good news and doesn't want to fear monger with "doom and gloom".

The clairvoyant said there had been many moments that blew her away, including seeing murder victims from cases that had not been solved yet and then the case reopens a week after Ms Woodham leaves the town.

Ms Woodham said it was more than turning cards, it was being able to give exact information without twisting words.

The medium is able to predict pregnancies before the pregnant woman even knows they're expecting.

"I could feel when I got pregnant, the very moment it happened. It's about the self awareness and being in tune with your body," she said.

As for the sceptics, Ms Woodham encourages them.

Ms Woodham said she did a reading with a sceptical man and as soon as she held his hands, the man's recently dead son came though.

"I could see he left behind his pregnant wife and this man loved his son so much," she said.

"Made my heart feel so warm, he was so grateful."

Ms Woodham will be doing private readings in Gladstone until Saturday, then she will visit Rockhampton for a few days, before touring New Zealand.

For bookings phone 0418 767 438.

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