Bernard Tomic had another shocker at Wimbledon.
Bernard Tomic had another shocker at Wimbledon.

Tomic’s ‘pathetic’ new Wimbledon low

Even by Bernard Tomic's standards, his latest effort at Wimbledon - both on and off the court - plummeted to new depths.

The Aussie lost in straight sets to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to bomb out of the year's third grand slam 6-2 6-1 6-4 in just 58 minutes - the second shortest men's singles match at the All England Club since records began in 2002.

Tomic was awful, losing the first set in 18 minutes and the second in 17. He won more games in the third set than the first two combined but still couldn't stop Tsonga steamrolling him in 23 minutes to wrap up the match in under an hour.



Writing for The UK Telegraph, Daniel Schofield wrote: "Tomic displayed all the grace and movement of a geriatric sloth. If the ball was not in his immediate vicinity then he made no effort to retrieve."

BBC commentator John Lloyd joined the pile-on, slamming Tomic's showing as "horrendous" and "abysmal", while English sports writer Oliver Brown called it "pathetic".

If that was bad, Tomic's performance at his post-match press conference was even worse. The 26-year-old refused to answer several questions and when he did respond, speaking for more than five seconds wasn't an option.

Slumped back in his chair and at times rubbing his face with his hands, Tomic gave the impression of someone who wanted to be anywhere in the world but behind the desk he was sitting at.

The Queenslander said he played "terrible" and couldn't handle Tsonga's serve.

"I returned pretty bad. Didn't see his serve. Pretty terrible match," Tomic said. "We played so fast. It's not like we're gonna have a lot of rallies out there, for sure.

"I think I played as best as I could. It's just I played terrible. And he served 24 aces."

Asked if he was happy with the effort he put in, Tomic simply said: "Next question."

He also cut off a reporter halfway through a question about reports he is dating someone who appeared on Channel 9 reality show Married At First Sight.

Tomic has been fined in the past for tanking and when asked if he was expecting to lose prizemoney for a lack of effort against Tsonga, he remained mute.

Tomic said he "doesn't know" if he would like to have more consistency in his performances and finished his disgruntled appearance in front of a dozen members of the media in just two-and-a-half minutes.

He couldn't get out of there quick enough.

Rather than being able to reflect on a job well done, Tsonga was also peppered with questions about Tomic's insipid performance and, giving an insight into the tennis brat's reputation on tour, revealed he "expected a match like this" against the Aussie.

"The plan before the match was to enter really hard in the match, to give him no chance to play with me and try to make me enter in this game," Tsonga said.

Some commentary suggested Tomic disrespected his French rival by playing so poorly but Tsonga didn't lay the boot in, instead suggesting that's just part of his game.

"I mean, I won this match. The most important for me is to go through this round. I mean, it's his game. He's always played like this. It's not about play like this just once, you know," Tsonga said.

"I remember I played him few times, and once was difficult because he just played like this, drop shot, was playing well. I didn't find a way to put enough rhythm in the match, and it was complicated for me.

"It's difficult to speak about how act the other people.

"And it happens, because this player is in the top 100 and it's not for nothing. It's because sometimes he's winning matches. That's the way he plays, and the way I play is different. I came just to put my game on the court. That's it."

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