After 112 days of gruelling lockdown, Melbourne residents, unimpressed with their town and leadership, are seeking new places of residence post-lockdown – and one of those places might be Toowoomba.

A Herald Sun article revealed the number of Victorians eyeing off interstate houses had increased by 54 per cent following their strict lockdown and coronavirus crisis.

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio said he would welcome any Melbourne residents who chose to relocate to the city after borders opened again.

He said it was “unsurprising” that visitors looked to the Toowoomba region as an option for relocation.

“It’s a friendly and welcoming region, which offers housing affordability that would be extremely attractive to anyone currently living in Australia’s capital cities,” he said.

“For those wanting the advantages of city living, in a rural environment, the Toowoomba region ticks every box.

“It’s a region where you can experience the contrasts of the changing seasons, the flavours of our fresh farm produce, gourmet food, wine and a release from big city pressures.”

Cr Antonio said Toowoomba was one of the “most liveable regions” in Australia and was supported by one of the country’s most diverse economies.

He cited a “surge in activity” for the broadening economic base that would be enticing to metropolitan locals.

“With Toowoomba’s Wellcamp Airport fully operational, the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing now complete and the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project beginning early works, the Region is not only competitive, but emerging as the transport and logistics hub of choice for producers, growers and exporters,” he said.

“We’re experiencing a rapid rise in investment opportunities and steady population growth with job growth expected to outpace population growth.

“Over the past decade our regional economic growth has exceeded the state average and our region’s competitive advantages are further enhanced by our leading education, health and retail facilities.”

The Darling Downs Health region was hit with 46 cases of coronavirus and two deaths, however no known infections have been identified in the region for months now.

Cr Antonio said the decision to relocate to Toowoomba was a no-brainer, and any new residents would be welcomed with open arms.

“The question to those thinking of moving here should not be why would they want to live here but rather, why would you want to live anywhere else?” he said.

Originally published as Toowoomba to welcome Melbourne residents after lockdown

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