AIMING HIGH: Show-jumping needs more competitors, organisers say.
AIMING HIGH: Show-jumping needs more competitors, organisers say. Madeline Grace

Tradition continues at show

Show Jumping:

Despite the drop in Show Jumping competitors at the Murgon Show, organisers are determined to keep the sport going.

Murgon Show course builder, judge, and organiser Paul Raymont has spent his life devoted to Show Jumping.

"I've been doing this for 35 years,” Mr Raymont said.

"My boys have been Show Jumpers for years too. Ones in France right now actually.

"But they all started here. And, if they've got nothing else on they will come back and compete here always. That's important.”

Mr Raymont said he has been coming to the Murgon Show for over 50 years.

"You've got to always support your local show, even when you make it big and you're winning big,” Mr Raymont said.

Murgon Show is where Mr Raymont and his sons got involved in the sport.

"In the old days when I was a young fella it was big deal to go and compete in your local show. Everyone went to watch too,” Mr Raymont said.

"Okay so that tradition has died a little. But there are community members who are still working to keep this going. Now that's what our community is about. It's fantastic. Because without it these kids wouldn't have anywhere to get involved and start in this sport.

"It's still a great place to come together for the day."

Mr Raymont wants to see more kids competing.

"We've got plenty of young riders here today. But less than usual,” Mr Raymont said.

"We've had a 60cm in the junior. Then a 90cm round.

"Some of the horses we've got here today are World Cup standard. Who knows some of them might go on to World Cup. But the important thing is that they all start here.”

Mr Raymont said Show Jumping is a family and community sport.

"Even if there's not as many interested, it sure isn't going anywhere anytime soon,” Mr Raymont said.

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