IT WAS a roll-in. Residents at Carlyle Gardens retirement village in Bargara have defied a ban on entering the village common area with their mobility scooters and won - for now.

Kerry Smith, Frances Schmeider and Bobbie Berkery led a procession to the building yesterday where pre-polling was taking place for this month's council election. They planned to protest.

"When this village was first built, we were told 'You are to consider this building as an extension to your lounge room'," Bobbie Berkery said.

But a ban on motor scooters introduced by village management following the laying of new carpet left many residents feeling "like second-class citizens".

Fellow resident Barry Stick had complained to the Electoral Commission of Queensland citing discrimination, and was told the ban could remain.

But when the procession arrived they were welcomed inside.

"It's the most remarkable backdown I've ever seen," resident Ann Dillon said.

"A woman in there was previously in tears (at the ban) and now she's receiving the princess treatment. This will not be the last time they use the common room."

But Carlyle Gardens manager Mandy Julian said the permission was temporary.

"The ongoing, regular use of mobility scooters inside our community facility is being reviewed in conjunction with a range of safety considerations during March.

"We will be undertaking consultations with directly affected residents and our residents' committee to finalise a policy."

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