DODGY: This 15-year-old Gladstone girl was offered a modelling photoshoot job by a man who called on an unknown number, and wouldn't even give his name.
DODGY: This 15-year-old Gladstone girl was offered a modelling photoshoot job by a man who called on an unknown number, and wouldn't even give his name. Facebook

Man offers Gladstone teen cash for photos in creepy call

A PROMISING career in modelling with thousands being offered per photograph sounds like every teenagers' dream come true.

That is unless the photographs are being sold for overseas child pornography trade.

A Gladstone teen who said she had a scarily close encounter has put a warning out to teenagers and parents in the region.

About 3pm on Thursday, 15-year-old Chloe said she answered a call from a private number, an unknown man on the other end of the line.

She said the man promised a modelling career and thousands of dollars for each photo shoot, along with regular out of town trips.

The man told her that four other girls would be joining her, Chloe said.

Excited for the opportunity, the teen gave her details, including age, birth month and other information.

But it was an opportunity that suddenly sounded too good to be true, with the words he spoke next, she said.

Red lights began to flash in Chloe's mind when the man told her the photos would be sent overseas for use in magazines and "never" shared in Australia.

"Then it clicked to me," she said.

"Child pornography ..."

"I realised he was dodgy near the end of the phone call once he promised big money and for the photos to not be shared across Australia.

"I just hung up on him."

The teen said although she had received a similar phone call in the past six months, the man's voice was unrecognisable.

"He didn't provide his name and never told me where he got my number," Chloe said.

"He said at one stage that he and another man would be doing the photography but he didn't say the other man's information.

"I take it he wanted nude photos going by what he kept assuring me and promising me.

"At the start of the phone call, I didn't feel uncomfortable as I don't think the worst of people and what could happen, but at the end once he started promising me and assuring me things, is when I got uncomfortable."

Chloe said her advice to other girls would be not to trust every unknown person that called, and to always look into whatever they were offering.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, get in contact with us at, or phone, 49703029.


One can never be sure if they are being conned or scammed, but we've put together a few tips that could help you to avoid the situation, or to be weary of:


How did the communication initiate? Did they call you on a private number? How did they get your contact details?

These are all questions to ask if you are contacted by a person trying to sell or persuade you into doing something.

It's also important to look at how private they are, do you have any way of contacting them, or is it all very one-sided?

If you are genuinely interested in the offer, ask to meet the person face-to-face in a public setting, and let someone know where you are going beforehand.

The offer

Any offer that includes modelling and photography should always be thoroughly looked into before agreeing to anything.

If the person claims to be from a company, ask for the company's details or do some of your own research.

If you can not find any further information or the person refuses to give any, it's probably a good time to back away.

Question everything, don't leave anything to chance. Ask for formal documents that can be legitimised.

Never give out private information or bank details until you are 100% certain it is a safe, legitimate deal or company.

And it's best to avoid providing these details in an email or over the phone.

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