WITH ongoing health problems, maintaining the expansive Durong Dingo Sanctuary can be exhausting for Simon Stretton.

Fortunately, four wildlife students from the University of Queensland have come to help out in exchange for learning more about the dingos.

Mr Stretton said the students had been doing the physically demanding work of repairing fencing in the enclosures that he found difficult.

"It's saved me a lot of backbreaking work," Mr Stretton said.

Student Laura Clifton said she was more than happy to help out for the chance to get to know the sanctuary's 18 dingos.

"Simon has really taught us the myths about dingos that aren't true," Ms Clifton said. "Once dingos get used to you they really want to be with you."

The students need one on one time with animals and zoos as part of their degree.

Ms Clifton said the experience at Durong was better than anywhere else she had been. The students will finish their work at Durong today, but all said they would miss the dingos once they left.

To donate go to www.durongdingo sanctuaryqld.com.au

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