DISTURBING footage has been shared online of a young man being relentlessly beaten on an Ipswich train.

And just as disturbing is that no one steps in to help.

He is seen sitting in front of an older man and in front of a woman, but neither react while the boy is repeatedly punched and kicked in the head.

And no one approaches the boy after the attack.

"Please be careful when letting your children train it home as there is a group of young males who frequent the train stations from Ipswich to Goodna train lines," the Facebook post warned.

"They will often start fights in a group."

The footage was allegedly sent to police and Queensland Rail on Thursday, but police initially said they were unaware of any complaint when asked Friday afternoon, according to reports in Quest Newspapers.

"It was done yesterday when the incident first happened ... over 24 hours later the police have said they are busy ... thus the reason we have made it public," the post reads.

Police later confirmed to The Courier-Mail that the Railway Squad was investigating the incident, but it is understood the victim was yet to make a complaint.

A Queensland Rail spokeswoman said it was made aware of an incident soon after it occurred and immediately called in the Railway Squad.

"Our officers livestreamed CCTV at the two stations where the group exited the train to monitor the situation, while emergency services responded," she said.

"We have since spoken to the victim's family and a witness who assisted the victim.

"Railway Squad has investigated the incident and identified the alleged offenders, and additional security resources have been deployed in the area to monitor, respond to and reduce the risk of any potential reprisals."

Friday was the seventh National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

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