Dancing for Kingaroy dance academy.
Dancing for Kingaroy dance academy. Abigail Andersson

Waltz into the new year with Kingaroy Dance Academy

KINGAROY Dance Academy is currently taking new enrolments as they gear up for the 2019 school year.

Studio owner Kirsten Cannisord said she was excited to see what the year brings for her dancers.

"The 2019 school year will be a busy one filled with many dance recitals, eisteddfods, dance exams, and concerts,” Ms Cannisord said.

"It's important for school students to branch out and take part in different extra curricular activities. It can help them as they grow up and start applying for jobs.”

"It's also good to have a hobby. Especially one that keeps students active, engaged, working towards learning something new, and achieving goals.”

Parents can enrol their students by sending the Kingaroy Dance Academy an email at kingaroydanceacademy@gmail.com.

"We always welcome new dancers and the start of the 2019 school year is a great time to join,” Ms Cannisord said.

"Anyone can join in. We welcome all levels of dancers as long as they are two years or older. We have a large variety of classes available and hopefully something for everyone.

"There is Twinkle Toes for the two to four year olds. As well as ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, acrobatics, contemporary, cheerleading, and musical theatre classes.”

Ms Cannisord believes her dance academy can lead to career opportunities for students.

"Our dance academy creates opportunities for the students. It could even lead to jobs. We went to Disneyland two years ago and it opened up job opportunities in dance for the students who went,” she said.

"It's a really great opportunity to meet other students and make friends within the dance industry. It also teaches them about audition processes and the real life dance industry outside of a dance academy for school students.”

This year her performance team is going to California's Disneyland in December.

"The students will perform in the Disneyland holiday parade and get the opportunity to take part in LA dance and performance workshops,” Ms Cannisord said.

"We've already had our auditions for the upcoming overseas trips. We have a team of 22 South Burnett students who are going. The team ranges from 8 year old dancers to 18 year old dancers.

"The dance team is also going to Hawaii for cultural hula dance workshops.”

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