JUSTIN Bieber isn't the only one who can star in a dazzling music video, with Warwick children soon to get the opportunity to sing a tune and bust a move.

Music writer, producer and film maker Josh Arnold visits country schools and communities to create music videos to showcase the best qualities of the town.

Previous stops on his journey have included Warwick Central State School, Texas P-10 State School and Yangan in the past few years.

This month, he's planned a trip to Glennie Heights State School to create a show-stopping production through his company Small Town Culture.

Having grown up in Tara, Mr Arnold knows what it's like to tell someone where you're from and be met with a blank stare.

Mr Arnold said the music videos educated others about lesser-known locations using children who are passionate about their town.

"When I show kids in city areas or any area (the videos), their eyes are sticking out of their heads they think it's amazing," Mr Arnold said.

"I think it would be good to bridge that gap between city and country."


Student Percy Manfield sings in the video.
Student Percy Manfield sings in the video. Contributed

A successful musician in his own right, Mr Arnold has released three albums with ABC Music and won a Golden Guitar in 2002.

Music is infectious and can make a message more memorable, he said.

"It makes people emotional and gets them excited, it's something that sticks in their brain," Mr Arnold said.

Mr Arnold said the process can inspire children to learn music.

"Kids in a lot of small towns and communities don't get a lot of opportunities to sing let alone record and there's some great hidden talent out there," Mr Arnold said.

Glennie Heights State School principal Paul O'Mara said the school was looking forward to working with Mr Arnold to develop a school song.

"We know across the world music unites and we're looking at continuing our program of uniting the school with the community," Mr O'Mara said.

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