WATCH: Peanut crop from paddock to processor

WHILE most of us are not directly connected with the day-to-day toils and tribulations of earning a crust from the land, all of us benefit from agricultural achievements in our community.

Just recently David Ford successfully threshed 113ha (280 acres) of holt variety peanuts just south of Kingaroy.

Along with many of his peers, Mr Ford has had mixed fortunes farming peanuts over the years. If it's not drought or disease, it's the rising costs of putting seed in the ground then hoping and praying the crop will yield an increase in the following months.

Although it had been quite dry recently, Mr Ford said his crop had yielded well.

Riding in the cab of his tractor he smiled as the thresher worked its magic, threshing the peanuts from the dry bushes.

"In this part of the paddock it looks as though the crop's doing close to two tonne to the acre," Mr Ford said as he steadily moved across the paddock.

"Overall though, the paddock will most likely average a tonne-and-a-half to the acre."

In metric conversion that is roughly four tonnes of peanuts to the hectare.

The recent weather has been good for peanut farmers waiting for the peanut bushes to dry.

However Mr Ford acknowledged, "The ground was so hard when we cut the peanuts out of the paddock we lost some of the bushes."

Mr Ford said he was not sure how the peanuts would be used but said this variety of peanut was used in confectionery and peanut butter.

Covered in red Kingaroy dirt, Mr Ford was just happy to see his peanuts off the paddock and taken in trucks to the peanut processor.


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