A PROSTHETIC leg is helping Richard Brumby take his first steps since his limb was amputated.

Mr Brumby, a well-known Toowoomba automotive personality, underwent an urgent operation to amputate his leg on April 12 last year after blood clots developed in his leg.

Now he's going through the difficult job of learning to use a new leg.

That task is made harder since the amputation was above the knee, complicating his rehabilitation.

That means he needs to use a different set of muscle groups - muscles that have laid dormant for months during his medical treatment.

He uses bars as an aid while he's learning to walk again.

The hardest part of the bi-weekly routine is stepping on a platform and to the side.

"When they took the leg they had to move the muscles around and tie them off in different areas and those muscles have been doing nothing for a while.

"That makes it hard."

Richard Brumby takes his first steps.
Richard Brumby takes his first steps.

Mr Brumby said he was heartened by his progress so far.

"The progress in three weeks is dramatic, I'm excited about it.

"If I wasn't I'd be down about the situation but my main point is staying positive and moving forward."

He's also started back at work as manager at Bursons, which he praised for its support.

"They've given me an automatic Ranger to drive to work.

"I have an electric wheelchair so I can get around at work."

While he's been using a walking stick to get around, he's not too far away from walking normally.

"They normally say it's about four months of physio before you can walk.

"I'm a bit ahead of that and I'm taking the first steps."

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