Little girl works with a plant box to help Landcare Australia.
Little girl works with a plant box to help Landcare Australia. Landcare Australia

Ways you can help the environment in time for Landcare Week

AS LANDCARE Week approaches, South Burnett residents might want to start thinking of how to help make a difference in the region.

This year's Landcare Week will take place from September 2 to 8, and it will mark the Landcare initiative's 30-year anniversary.

With this year's milestone, Landcare Australia CEO Dr Shane Norrish believes it's the perfect time to contribute to the ever-growing movement.

"It only takes a small number of people to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, but their work captures and motivates others to be a part of that process,” Dr Norrish said.

"It's seeing that you individually, at any age, can make a real difference, rather than sitting back and wondering when someone is going to do something about it.”

Landcare Australia have released some great ideas when it comes to helping out, that all South Burnett residents can take heed to.


Firstly, they advise you to join the local Landcare group.

Bunya Valley Landcare group is the South Burnett's official Landcare group, run by president Denis Langmead.

To get involved, you must join as a member, where you can then be covered by insurance for your volunteering efforts.

You can sign up to join the local organisation here.


While you can donate money on the Landcare website, where the money goes towards buying trees or materials for Landcare projects, you can also donate many different items or creations that your local group might need.

One idea Landcare offers is to donate or help maintain birdboxes or wooden shelters, all that can be used to help birds, possums and bats stay safe and comfortable.


Teaching the importance of getting involved is just as necessary as volunteering, as you can help inspire new generations to get involved in caring for the environment and its inhabitants.

Landcare states that you can also share your local Landcare group's projects on social media, to help raise awareness and get more people involved.

Tips to protect wildlife

While there are many ways you can help make a difference through helping Landcare, you can also do little things around your home and lifestyle when helping the environment.

Landcare states that keeping cats inside overnight and making sure you keep your dog on a leash during walks around common wildlife areas are both good ideas when keeping local animals safe and protecting vegetation.

You can also plant native flora to offer a sometimes well-needed home to more native species, drawing birds and wildlife into your yards.

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