WET WEEK: Weather forecasters predict summer will end with rain in the South Burnett.
WET WEEK: Weather forecasters predict summer will end with rain in the South Burnett. JOHN GASS

Week of rain predicted for the South Burnett

A WEEK of wet weather has been predicted for the South Burnett.

Weatherzone senior meteorologist Jacob Cronje said it was quite possible the region would see rainfall every day this week.

"The thunderstorm risk is isolated to Tuesday afternoon,” Mr Cronje said.

"After the thunderstorm, the rain will be in the form of showers each day.”

Five to 10mm of rain is possible on Wednesday and Thursday, Mr Cronje said.

Friday could bring heavier rainfall, with about 10-20mm expected.

"After that, on the weekend as well there could be at least 5-10mm,” Mr Cronje said.

"Overall it will be a wet week.”

He said the weather was caused by an active low pressure trough that was currently situated over the region.

"The trough has done what they usually do, come down from the north-west and extended over the eastern part of the country,” he said.

Mr Cronje said he did not know if the wet weather would continue after this week.

"It's something hard to say,” he said.

"At this point, the wet weather is just for the next seven days, then it will probably change.

"It's a bit difficult to say what will happen next week.”

The rainfall probably would not end drought conditions in the region.

"It would certainly help towards that but it doesn't mean drought conditions would be alleviated,” he said.

"Drought is a complex issue, it is dependent on many things.”

Mr Cronje said temperatures would be around the March average.

"The day time temperatures are about one degree warmer than average,” he said.

"Minimum temperatures are significantly higher, about two to three degrees above average.

"Humidity is contributing to overnight temperatures feeling warmer than they are.”

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