Weight gain big worry for home workers - survey

The temptation to snack is too great for some who work from home.
The temptation to snack is too great for some who work from home. Jupiterimages

A new survey has revealed weight gain is the biggest worry among those working from home.

According to a global survey conducted by workspace providers Regus, one in three who work from home are afraid of getting fat.

The reason? The temptation to snack.

Thirty three per cent of those surveyed responded by saying they felt lonely working from home and almost half felt their work from home was not taken seriously.

Regus New Zealand area director Pierre Ferrandon says the survey showed working from home affected workers differently and suited some more than others.

"Working from home can have several benefits compared to commuting to an office but it is not for everyone. For some, the biggest worry is avoiding temptation and staying out of the pantry. Others struggle with the isolation of working on their own, or find it difficult to get their work done without being distracted by family, especially if their family don't respect their work."

Working from home is a growing trend globally as workers seek flexibility and look to avoid the "daily grind" of commuting, Ferrandon said.

Two thirds of surveyed respondents said they missed interaction with professionals, while the same number said they had to regularly leave the house to avoid getting stale.

In addition, one in five people expressed concern that their family resented them having a space in the house for a home office.

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