LAST year's women's premiers Wests opened their account with a comfortable win over Gunnettes to get their season off on the right foot.

By the sound of the full-time whistle the Wests left for the sheds with a 5-0 over their cross-town rivals.

Wests coach Trevor Litzow said the dominating show in Kingaroy on Saturday afternoon came as a surprise.

With a number of new players in the rank, Litzow said a performance like this rarely came so early on.

"I think they surprised themselves," Litzow said.

"The opening game is an unknown.

"I'm very, very happy with the way the team played."

With a solid start to the season, Litzow said his team would need to continue this form as they prepare to take on Nanango - last year's finalists.

"I was very impressed with the passing and movement," he said.

"But we still need to get our communication up, we were sometimes silent out there.

"And we need to work on our first touch and composure on the ball."

After the Wests' clash with Nanango, there will be a two-week break for Easter.

To meet the Kingaroy team after the break will be Barambah, which Litzow said would be another tough team to beat.

"Barambah have a very good side," he said.

"There's no easy wins in the competition. We were just very fortunate to get the win."

Gunnettes' coach Stephen Copas said there were a number of positives to take away from the humbling first round.

Copas said his team ramped up its defence in the second half to only allow the Wests to score the one goal.

With no substitutes available on Saturday, the Gunnettes were run ragged but Copas was pleased to see them give their all right up to the final whistle.

The Gunnettes will play Barambah at Wondai on Saturday.

First division Gunners v Wests

GUNNERS proved they are ready to take on last year's champions, Nanango, with a solid start to their season.

The Gunners downed cross-town rival Wests 5-0 in a dominant display on Saturday.

Gunners' coach Debbie Ovens said she was "shellshocked" by how well her team played from the start.

Ovens said the Gunners needed to continue this form to better their runners-up position of last season.

The Gunners built their play from the backline, with the formation constantly changing to keep the Wests guessing.

"My three-man backline was solid," Ovens said.

"Our ball movement was really up there."

From past experience, Ovens said she expected a late comeback but felt reassured after the Gunners kept most of the possession.

Wests' coach Bailey Raines did not feel too bad about his team's performance in their first game. "It wasn't too bad. The first half was pretty much 50/50," Raines said. "We had a lot of chances - it was not as if it was one-sided."

Raines said his team was still finding its feet. Ahead of Saturday's clash against last year's champions Nanango, Raines said he hoped the Wests would capitalise on their pace.

"We will sit in our half and then break forward with a counter-attack," he said.

South Burnett football results

Gunners v Wests

  • First division Gunners 5 - Wests 0
  • Women's division Wests 5 - Gunnettes 0
  • Second division Wests 2 - Gunners 1

Nanango v Barambah

  • First division Nanango 11 - Barambah 2 
  • Women's division Nanango 3 - Barambah 3
  • Second division Nanango 1 - Barambah 0
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