KINGAROY Wests were an unstoppable force on their way to defeating Barambah again, making it three consecutive matches.

Played at the Murgon showgrounds, Barambah were unable to make the most of their home ground advantage last Saturday, marred by injuries and short numbers.

In the second division game, Barambah opened the scoring tally, but could not hold off the relenting attacks of the driven Wests, who finished the game 3-1 ahead.

Wests' captain Russell Hutfield said the game was a lot closer than the scoreboard suggested.

"They (Barambah) scored quite early, in the first 15-20 minutes," he said.

But the Wests were able to equalise before half-time, which saw them go into the second half level again.

At the whistle, Hutfield pushed his team hard into applying the pressure on the home team.

"(In the second half) we got two quick ones," he said.

With that, Barambah were left feeling frustrated as tempers began to flare, turning the game into a more physical affair.

"They went down 3-1, so they (Barambah) needed to come down pretty hard at the end," Hutfield said.

But Hutfield said his team still had a lot to work on if they were to reach their target of securing a spot in the President's Cup, which means the Wests will need a top two finish at the end of the season.

"We didn't play to our potential, we started off pretty slow," he said.

The same could be said about Barambah, who failed to make the most of their opportunities in front of goal.

Barambah captain Bryce Connolly said his team had the chances, but did not make the most of them when they presented themselves.

"We found ourselves in a bit of an unfortunate circumstance. We didn't get the right touch with the last chance," he said.

"We had the run of play, but we didn't take our chances.

"We passed the ball around really well, but our heads went down when we couldn't get the ball in the back of the net."


Westward direction continues for women


LOW team numbers proved a blessing and a curse in the women's bout, which saw the Wests secure a 2-0 win against Barambah.

A 10-player Wests played a steady game, after captain Danielle Maudsley had to pull players to fill in vacant positions, with forwards taking a more defensive role.

"We had to play players in different positions, which actually worked out quite well," Maudsley said.

But it was not just the Wests' versatility on the pitch which gave them the upper hand, they knew when to strike.

"It was just perseverance, being at the right places at the right time," Maudsley said.

With youthful speed at the disposal of the Wests' forwards Courtney Thompson and Hayley Hunter, Maudsley made sure to make the most of this asset by using through balls feeding her strikers in front of goal.

But Barambah's defence did have its wise moments, catching onto the Wests ball chases to break their


"They played the offside really well, they worked out their defence well," Maudsley said.

But missing players were a curse for Barambah, with inexperienced players filling in crucial positions.

Barambah captain Sarah Vanderkolk said her team held themselves up in the first half with a goalless draw to see them through the final half.

"We were very even right across the game," she said.

Fatigue then set in to allow Barambah to concede in the 59th and 66th minute, too much for the home team to pull back from.

Consistency pays off for first division Wests

IN THE first division game Barambah suffered a similar fate to their women counterparts, falling 2-0 to a consistent Wests side.

Wests' coach Mauro Buzzo said his team played consistently well in the middle, stringing passes to keep the majority of the possession.

By "consistently getting more passes through", Mauro said it opened up the opportunities to gain and keep the lead for another victory.

With four out injured, Mauro hopes his team will back to its full strength when they come back in two weeks to play the Gunners.

Barambah's coach had to fill up the team with second division players, with most of her first team unavailable.

"We had 14 players, out of that 14, 12 played in the second division game," she said.

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