Wet weather on cards in new year

JANUARY is set to be the wettest month since March this year with up to 100mm predicted across the South Burnett.

Long range weather forecaster Hayden Walker said the next three months would bring some drought relief heading into a year of sporadic rainfalls.

A low pressure system pushing up from the south in the coming days will bring storms and about 70mm for the South Burnett with more moisture brought into the area by a strong easterly breeze.


"About the 15th to 16th of this month will be the next activity and there will be some more storms around that Christmas period," Mr Walker said.

"The usual storm activity will be a bit hit and miss, but will hopefully get most areas."

He said January would bring the most relief with between 75 to 100mm.

"February won't be as good as, but there will still be about two to three inches (50-75mm)."

Mr Walker predicts some months next year will be tough, but other months would have good rainfall.

"There will be low rainfall for March and April, but May looks good for rain," he said.

Mr Walker's predictions are based on computer models and sunspot activity.

He said any activity on the sun surface affects earth's weather and attributed the devastating storm that hit Brisbane last week to sunspot activity.

"The sunspot activity is a magnetic field on the sun's surface which affects earth's surface, changing the barometric pressure," Mr Walker said.

"Increased sunspot activity means rainfall, while minimal activity leaves us with drought conditions."

Your weather

Hayden Walker is the son of Lennox Walker, a world famous Australian forecaster who learnt his trade from a man making predictions in the late 1880s.

Livestock agent Paul Pratt trusts Norwegian website yr .no's predictions after noting it forecast the rainfall during the 2013 floods to within mms of actual falls.

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