What 50 teachers did to get suspended


FIFTY teachers were barred from Queensland classrooms last year, for disreputable, sexual or criminal behaviour.

Some had sex with students, one female teacher drank alcohol and passed out at a primary school, and others disgraced themselves through inappropriate social media comments.

Last year eight teachers had their registration cancelled and 14 were prohibited from reapplying for registration - double the number in the previous year.

Twenty-nine teachers had their registration suspended and seven were permanently excluded from the profession, including some who had been jailed for criminal offences.

Another 22 had their suspensions continued, pending disciplinary hearings.

Queensland College of Teachers said there were seven cases involving allegations of teachers indecently treating a child last year.

There also were 14 cases of alleged sexual misconduct involving a student or former student.

A drama teacher who had a sadomasochistic sexual relationship with a student, sending her pornographic videos and having rough sex with her while she sobbed, was banned for eight years.

Another drama teacher who spoke explicitly to a student about his own sexual experiences and desires and asked a boy if he wanted experiences with other boys had his registration cancelled.

An English teacher who made "really creepy and invasive'' romantic and sexual advances to an ex-student, as soon as she graduated from high school, had his registration cancelled.

The department head sent the girl sexually-explicit short stories and asked whether her ex-boyfriend made her orgasm during sex.

A male teacher who chatted with 12-year-olds on social media and spoke inappropriately to girls about menstruation had his registration cancelled for three years.

A female teacher who had a sexual relationship with a male ex-student soon after he left her high school, was barred from reapplying for registration for three years.

She also had discussed her own breast enhancement with students and exposed her sports bra to some students.

A male department head who had sex with a female student, 16, in a classroom after school, in a toilet block and in her bedroom, cannot apply for registration until 2026.

The "predatory'' teacher also inappropriately touched the bodies of other female students.

Another male teacher who repeatedly had sex with a female student, 16, at her home, when her father was at work, and at his father's home, was banned for four years.

A special-education teacher who had a sexual relationship with a vulnerable former female student with a disorder cannot reapply for registration until mid-2021.

A teacher who gave Year 7 students prizes and gifts, including a To Sir With Love video and nicknamed students "Rabbit'' and "Donkey'', had his registration cancelled because of 20 professional boundary breaches.

He also inappropriately talked to Year 7 female students about menstruation.

A female teacher who popped Valium and swilled vodka before passing out on a desk in front of Year 2 students was banned from classrooms for at least two years.

The teacher, who had been drinking alcohol and taking Valium in her car during breaks at school, also drove away from school while drunk, with her own children in the car.

In Brisbane District Court, former head of Bribie Island State High's junior school, Christopher James White, 41, was given a wholly suspended 18 months' jail term in October for child exploitation material offences.

White had pretended to be a girl, 14, to catfish older men into sending back dirty messages, for his own sexual enjoyment.

"There is no place in the profession for any person whose behaviour presents a risk to the safety or wellbeing of children,'' Queensland College of Teachers director Deanne Fishburn said.

She said less than 0.05 per cent of 109,000 registered teachers each year had their registration cancelled or suspended, were excluded or had prohibition periods imposed.

"The overwhelming majority of teachers do an outstanding job and have a high respect for, and maintain, professional boundaries,'' Ms Fishburn said.

"However even one teacher crossing a professional boundary is one too many.''

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