What the croc? Saltie found in drug raid

POLICE have uncovered a baby crocodile along with cannabis and steroids during a drug raid in north Queensland.

Detectives from the Innisfail Criminal Investigation Branch were executing a search warrant at a Benwell Street address when they found the animal on display at the residence.

The 30 centimetre juvenile saltwater crocodile was being kept in a fish tank and obviously well out of its comfort zone, Police say.

The crocodile was taken to the Innisfail Police Station where it was promptly given a temporary home in a large fish tank previously inhabited by the station fish.

Officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection subsequently attended the station and are now investigating the matter.

A 19-year-old Innisfail woman was charged with possession of dangerous drugs, supplying dangerous drugs, possession of a drug utensil, possession of a thing used in the commission of a crime and possession of a thing for use in the commission of a crime.

A 23-year-old Innisfail man was charged with two counts of possession of a dangerous drug and one count of obstructing Police.

The pair will appear in the Innisfail Magistrates Court on January 18.

Salt water crocodiles are protected under the Nature Conservation Act and taking or possessing one without a permit is punishable with a penalty of up to $353, 400 or 2 years imprisonment.

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