What will it take to end street violence?

RIGHTO, gents, we have to have a good, long talk.

We have to stop hitting each other in the street. We have to stop using violence, particularly in uncontrolled circumstances, to sort out whatever issues we have.

Tom Freshwater is the latest in a long list of people, the vast majority of whom are male, who have to fight for their life because someone (allegedly) decided to punch him in the head.

Not only did it knock him out, but he hit the ground.

Freshwater family statement after alleged coward punch

He was unconscious, has suffered severe fractures, and, as hard as it is to read or type, could have died.

Thankfully, Tom is recovering. While he will carry physical and mental scars from this incident (which will be dealt with in court today) for some time, there is always a chance the victim of such an attack won't come back.

Armstrong Renata was just sentenced to seven years in jail, of which he must serve 80 per cent, for the unlawful strike that caused Cole Miller's death.

Cole was 18-years-old when he died, his future ripped away for the sake of just one punch.

There are too many stories, both locally and globally, of people forced to fight for their lives after such an attack.

I accept that people may not always like each other.

I accept that accidents can sometimes happen.

I do not accept that one person can put another person's life in jeopardy for the sake of a punch.

The "one punch can kill" campaign doesn't seem to be getting through, so what is it going to take for us, as men, to draw the line in the sand?

If you want to use violence to sort out an issue, step into a ring or cage and fight in a controlled environment.

But the senseless striking of each other on the street has to end before another person is killed.

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