What's driving illicit drug use across Toowoomba

ILLEGAL drug use across the city has increased as dealers drop prices and feed a market unable to escape the vicious cycle.

Despite an increase in the number of drug busts by police, the crackdown has been undermined by dealers determined to keep a hold on their illicit market.

Police intelligence suggests peddlers and traffickers at all levels of the illicit trade have slashed prices, putting drugs that were once too expensive for most users into more people's hands.

The result is increased pressure on the city's emergency services and police.

Inspector Stephen Angus of Toowoomba police said it was a disturbing trend across the city and one which would be fully investigated to crack down on the illicit trade.

"These drugs are becoming more readily available," he said.

"They've dropped in price but people should be aware that when they buy and consume these drugs they still don't know what they are getting."

The disturbing trend comes as police continue to investigate the suspected overdose of a woman and a man at Drayton last week.

While initial reports had suggested the couple had consumed the deadly new drug Carfentanyl, the fact the pair had survived long enough to call paramedics for help indicated it was a different illicit substance.

Insp. Angus said the pair was lucky to survive after consuming the drugs, and described the situation as unusual.

"It is not that common for people to be able to call for help after an adverse reaction," he said.

Police investigations into the incident are continuing.

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