ON THE HUNT: Shania Nash has started a Rock Hunt group in Kingaroy.
ON THE HUNT: Shania Nash has started a Rock Hunt group in Kingaroy. Christian Berechree

Why kids should ditch screens and play with rocks

SHANIA Nash reckons kids can have a lot of fun with a bunch of rocks.

The Kingaroy resident says with a bit of creativity, imagination and exploration, South Burnett children can have a great time in the great outdoors.

That's the idea behind her new Facebook group, Kingaroy Rock Hunt.

Ms Nash, 20, was inspired by similar groups around Queensland to create a fun new activity for kids in the South Burnett.

The idea is for participants to paint or decorate rocks and hide them throughout their communities.

Once they've done that, they leave clues as to the rocks' whereabouts on the Facebook page, giving other participants a chance to find them.

When they find a rock, participants have the chance to keep it or rehide it.

Ms Nash said while she does not have kids of her own, she wanted to create something fun for the children in her community.

"I just love kids,” she said.

"It gives kids something to do because there's not much to do around here.”

Ms Nash previously worked in childcare, and she said the creative aspect of painting rocks however they chose would appeal to kids.

"When I was in childcare, they had all these different craft stations and the kids got right into it,” she said.

She recommended giving children the opportunity to get hands on and decorate the rocks before going out to find them.

"I'd probably say put it in front of them and get them to make their own before they go out and find it,” she said.

"If they actually did it themselves and went out and hid them, they'd probably get into it a bit more.”

The rock hunt craze has taken off around the world and has received plenty of interest within the past 12 months.

Communities all throughout Australia have gotten into it, with one group called WA Rocks attracting more than 50,000 members.

While the Kingaroy group sits at a more modest 250, Ms Nash is confident it will take off.

She said the group attracted more than 100 likes within 24 hours, and two people had already gone out and dropped rocks, posting clues in the group.

To get involved, head to the Kingaroy Rock Hunt Facebook page.

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