IN the lane, snow is glistening.

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

This beautiful carol could have been written on the streets of St Gallen.

While mild temperatures across much of Europe this winter are keeping snow at bay, the continent was magical this time last year.

St Gallen, east of Zurich, copped about 60cm of the white stuff in December 2014.

Wandering through the lanes and streets is picture perfect, like a Christmas card scene.

Even the airplane descent into Zurich is magical; patchwork quilts of snow covering fields, homes and mountains.

The one-hour train ride east to St Gallen is truly delightful too - the glee from the kids tobogganing down even the slightest of slopes was palpable through the carriage windows.

Enough snow to carve out a cross-country track, to go knee-deep snowshoeing, sledding on park paths and tobogganing on any hill available in the Swiss town.

St Gallen is just one of many places wrapped in powdery goodness and worth a winter visit.
Start dreaming of a White Christmas and New Year.

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