THE Wondai Wolves concluded their season in a horror fashion.

Wolves' Michael Christensen broke his leg in a tackle, the sound of it echoing across the ground which silenced the few spectators who braved the drenched conditions on Saturday night.

Wolves coach Michael Greenwood said the game against the Kingaroy Red Ants summed up their season of struggles.

"You never like to finish a game like that," he said.

Regardless of the injury, the Red Ants were well in control of the game 38-6 up by the time it was called.

Greenwood said now the Wolves' season had finished, focus on the next season was needed in the hope of building up the club's strength.

"It's about us maintaining the pride of the club and jersey," he said.

He said he hoped the core group of this season's team would continue to play for the Wolves and would also look to recruit new players.

Greenwood said he was proud of his team despite the lack of results.

"It's always hard for a club when you go and get our a*** handed to us and continue playing," he said.

Red Ants coach Darren Geiger said in spite of the game's short duration he was impressed with his team's performance.

Although Geiger expressed concern the Red Ants had it too easy in the build up to the semi-final, against the Murgon Mustangs on Saturday, after they demolished Gayndah 102-0 a fortnight ago and dominated the weekend's game.

"I'm very worried about that, especially after Murgon beat Nanango (37-28)," he said.

Geiger said the Red Ants would have to focus on their defence first and foremost in the finals.

"Against all three teams (Murgon, Nanango and Cherbourg) in the final, it's just a matter of making sure our defence is in order," he said.

Geiger said the only try the Red Ants conceded in the Wondai game came as a lapse in defence.

"That was a really soft one," he said.

The Red Ants will take on the Mustangs in the A-grade semi-final on Saturday at Cherbourg at 1pm.

Murgon v Nanango

THE high number of ball handling errors by the Murgon Mustangs staggered coach Paul Brunjes in the opening 45 minutes.

Brunjes said the Nanango Stags were gifted an 18-10 lead by this high number of errors and forced the Mustangs onto the back foot.

"We were really sloppy, we dropped the ball a lot," he said.

Brunjes said the conditions on Friday night were testing as the misty rain made its way over the Murgon Showgrounds.

Further pressure was applied by Stags' Blake Harvey, who Brunjes said continued to kick the ball into dangerous areas.

"He just got field position, he kept kicking the ball into the corners," he said.

Although Brunjes said the Mustangs defended well on their own line as a slight saving grace in the first-half.

Come the second-half, Brunjes said the Mustangs reduced their errors and shifted the pressure back onto the visitors to eventually win 37-28.

"In the second half we just held the ball and completed a few sets," he said.

"We just got the flow of the game going, we didn't make many mistakes in our own half."

Brunjes said it would be essential the Mustangs controlled the ball from the start in the semi-final to stand a chance against the Red Ants.

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