Woman found dead after month in elevator

AN elevator maintenance crew has been detained following the discovery of a woman's body in an elevator in the Chinese city of Xi'an.

According to the ABC News (America) the crew improperly cut off power to the elevator a month ago without checking if anyone was inside

In a statement posted at the weekend, the Gaoling district government said two maintenance workers turned off the power source on January 30 to the elevator in a residential building after they were called to check on a glitch.

When a crew returned on March 1, for repairs, they found a female corpse there, the state government said.

It is reported that workers came to repair a malfunctioning elevator that was stuck between the 10th and 11th floors. They shouted to ask if anyone was there, and cut the power.

The workers left for the Lunar New Year holiday and did not return until March 1.

China has poor records on workplace safety where proper safety procedures and practices are routinely ignored.

In July, a woman was killed when she was swallowed by a mall escalator when a metal platform on top of the escalator suddenly caved in.

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