Wondai playing in round one against Kingaroy.
Wondai playing in round one against Kingaroy. Claudia Williams

Wondai forfeit for second week

RUGBY LEAGUE: Cherbourg and Wondai were scheduled to go head to head in Murgon on Saturday.

Due to depleted numbers on both sides, with Cherbourg having 12 players and Wondai with nine, the teams reached an agreement to play a nine-a-side game with the intention of playing for 80 minutes.

Unfortunately two Wolves players sustained injuries, forcing the team to forfeit, for the second consecutive week.

Coach of the Wondai side, Michael Greenwood, is disappointed for not only the players that turned up but for the club and what it represents.

"Before the game I had 15 fellas that should have been there and I had nine fellas turn up to play and one turn up late,” he said.

"We have got registered guys that aren't turning up to games and it is frustrating as a coach and disappointing for the club.”

The team struggled for numbers at pre-season training with 17 players from last season not returning to the club.

The club rallied together to field a team in round one and Greenwood said it was disappointing players weren't following through and committing to the team.

"We worked really hard as a club to get the team up this year and we had a really good response to that effort,” he said.

"We had a lot of guys signing up in the last weeks to keep the season alive but signing up is one thing, you have to turn up.”

Greenwood said some players consistently turned up to training and games and it was frustrating their teammates were not doing the same.

"The nine guys I had turn up played with their hearts and it's the same fellas turning up every week,” he said.

"These guys don't have the heart to turn up and I find it very difficult to describe the disappointment.”

In the first round the team had a devastating loss to Kingaroy but, with commitment to training, Greenwood saw potential for the Wolves.

"On the flip side, having a look at Cherbourg and Murgon play the last two weeks, if these guys started turning up training there is nothing stopping us making the finals,” he said.

"It would be good to see the players in our club put in the effort and have a bit of fight rather than having a whimper.”

Wondai is a club with a proud history and Greenwood would like to see the pride in the gold and black jersey return.

"We are a proud club. There were a lot of people in the past that identify themselves as Wondai through and through but where are they now,” he said.

"Wondai used to be a huge club and I don't see anyone from the past turning up.”

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