Yoga-aikido instructor Sudhama develops new men-only class

IN THE past few years there has been a significant shift in the world of yoga and men are returning to classes.

Blokes of all ages and from all walks of life are discovering the benefits this ancient practice has for modern times.

A qualified yoga and aikido instructor, Sudhama (Martin Nagle) has developed a new class for men only on Monday and Thursday evenings in Nambour.

Sudhama said it was a chance for men to be part of a committed, non-competitive class that is geared towards the male physiology and perspectives.

"Historical evidence suggests that yoga originated in India about 5000 years ago and was originally designed to be practised by men," he said.

"Although some men may not consider the stretching, poses and deep breathing exercises a real workout, the focus and intention of yoga is the integration of mind, body, feeling and spirit.

"In other words to have your intention, intuition, action and vitality all in synch with each other.

"Yoga enthusiasts build power and heat while moving through a series of poses.

"They challenge themselves with balancing, inversions, and other body-twisting advanced poses when appropriate.

"Professional athletes and clubs around the country are turning to yoga for functional strength, injury prevention, and mental preparation," he said.

"Yoga can help with muscle soreness while improving focus and boosting energy level."

As a martial arts student for over 30 years and an instructor for over 20 years, Sudhama said yoga had helped him keep flexible, strong and injury-free the whole time.

"But more than that, it has provided me with a deep inner calmness and self-understanding that I didn't find in martial arts training," he said.

"It seems that martial arts provided me with a deeper awareness of the outer world.

"Yoga has provided me with a deeper understanding of the inner world - the perfect balance."

Yoga mats are provided at the classes although loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

For more information contact Sudhama on 0459 976 123.


WHEN: Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm

WHERE: Nambour and District Brass Band Hall, corner Arundel Dr and Daniel St

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