MDMA capsules. Source: NSW Police
MDMA capsules. Source: NSW Police

You could face jail for organising mates’ party drugs

HANDING out drugs to your friends, even free of charge, is a criminal offence that carries a maximum penalty of 3 years' jail if dealt with in the Magistrate's Court.

You could be the person organising the drugs for your friends, or the person receiving the drugs from a dealer to distribute locally.

It's all the same to police - supply of a dangerous drug.

Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow said police would target drug suppliers in the region - whether their operation was big or small, intentional or not.

"We call it a scourge in society because it really is," Detective Shadlow said.

"Even if you are just getting drugs for your friends, you are still suppling a drug. Even if you're not making any money off it.

"People well and truly get done for that sort of thing.

"Police will use every legal avenue possible (to charge drug suppliers) … we make no bones about it."

Queensland laws state as well as the type and quantity of drugs involved, other factors are considered when evaluating the seriousness of a supply offence, such as if you were involved with supplying drugs to a child (under 18-years-old) or near a school.

If a person is prosecuted for supply drugs the penalty will vary depending on several factors - personal circumstances, the level of operation, the intentions of the supplier and any financial gain.

Jail terms, probation orders, intensive correction orders, community service orders and good behaviour bonds are all penalties a magistrate may consider or order a person to serve.

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