October 2017

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THE euthanasia debate is back to being a hot topic with news it could be allowed in Victoria.

OPINION: A fine line in allowing euthanasia

"I'm fully supporting a person having the right to chose their exit life strategy. It has to be the..."

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WHITE House Chief of Staff John Kelly says that he coached Donald Trump on what to say to the widow of a US soldier killed in action.

White house confirms Trump lied about soldier phone call

"So many conflicting stories about this. Given that the man is a crude, rude, insensitive chronic..."

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QUEENSLANDERS could be missing out on thousands of dollars of financial support without realising it.

Easy way to check if you're missing out on financial support

"& here I thought the public was roundly criticised for the "age of entitlement" . . . ... that..."

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New logos spark talk of a defection

LNP party branding gone from Christensen's website

"The man has a long history of wanting to have his cake & eat it.. Suppose he thinks he's being..."

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RESIDENTS are upset after a popular tourist attraction in town was targeted by a vandal.

OUTRAGE: Vandal defaces treasured Downs attraction

"Selfish people who think their "fun" is more important than anything else."

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THE Victorian Lower House of Parliament has narrowly passed controversial euthanasia legislation after a marathon debate that lasted more than 24 hours.

Euthanasia bill passes Lower House in Victoria

"May not be many taking that option, but at least Victorian people have the choice."

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Journalist SHERELE MOODY explains it is important to take the time to read the stories behind the #metoo and me, too status trend

Viral 'me, too' posts reveal a shockingly familiar story

"Just where did I suggest that Petorismyth? I have in the past commented how some predators will..."

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IF ONE thing gets Toowoomba residents riled up, it’s talking about habits on our roads.

'Driving too slow isn't dangerous': City motorists disagree

"Valid point.. "

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CHRISTIANS from across Toowoomba will gather on Sunday to mark 500 years since the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

City's Christians mark 500 years since Reformation

"I'm guessing the Christians following the Orthodox sects may have a different opinion about the event."

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TOOWOOMBA has one of the highest rates of obesity in the state, with 35.8% of people seriously overweight, according to newly-released Heart Foundation data.

REVEALED: Toowoomba is the third-most obese in Qld

"Given how many fast food shops there are in town is this any surprise?"

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