April 2020

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This South Burnett property agent adapted his business to still carry out 6-8 house inspections a day during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Here's how he did it.

How this real estate agent adapted his business to COVID-19

"Mr Schultz if every renter had an agent such as you we would all be very happy renters..Hopefully you..."

March 2020

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From flying around the world to now being shamed for their day job, air crew claim they are getting abused simply because they board a plane.

Air hostie: ‘People are scared of me’

"This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous..Danielle, you have no reason to feel Shame.. If thats the case of all..."

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Journalist calls on leaders to help South Burnett through testing times.

OPINION: Who will guide region in coronavirus crisis?

"Laura, this is a wonderful article. Thank you for speaking out your personal views on the safety of our..."

February 2020

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A junkie was allowed to care for kids in a Queensland daycare centre, taking random drug tests for six months while on the job.

Drug-using childcare worker allowed to stay on the job

"I thought the whole idea was to get "Drug Users" Back into the work force.By giving this person a Job..."

September 2019

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